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 Read : Before posting any problems regarding LAG.

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PostSubject: Read : Before posting any problems regarding LAG.   Tue 07 Nov 2006, 14:10

Guyz, stop complaining about the lag please.. Lag is not something that you can fix juz like fixing broken things. You need to upgrade the server and all of the things that are making the server work. The main server is a computer... you must upgrade this computer into a much more powerful one so that even if a lot of players logs on to the game.. it wont be lag... but of course upgrading the server will be expensive.... coz you must buy a new and more powerful computer to make it as the server... much to this, that computer is always ON ALL THE TIME coz if you turned it OFF... obviously, the server will be OFFLINE..

And the people of Akatsuki are giving you FREE SERVICE! So you can't go complaining about the "LAG" because you are not paying them anything.

Would you open your computer everyday as the source of this game, never turn it off, and consuming electricity 24hrs a day 7 days a week and have to pay all the electric bills and internet bills for the sake of other people so that they can play RAN.... all FOR FREE??? I guess not...

It's like i have a game arcade house and anyone can play there for free... if there's a problem with one of the video game machine, i'll fix it for your convenience... but if you're complaining that you can't play juz becoz its too crowded... that's not my problem anymore. I let you play in my arcade house for free and that does not make you a costumer coz you're not paying me anything so you don't have the right to complain juz becoz there are too many players and that you can't find a spot to play.

You should be thankful, despite the fact that they are not getting any benefits from this game coz its a non-profit thing, but they are still here.. powering the game up... FOR FREE!

To the admins and moderators or GMs... i'm sorry for the long and off topic post... i juz wanted to clear things up with my fellow players here. You can delete this if you don't like it >,<

Anyways... more power to you guyz ^_^

From Don:
Topic edit, and add to sticky.
I owe you man, thanks for the well explanation regarding lag.

More info about lag:
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Read : Before posting any problems regarding LAG.
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