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 Sacred Gate bugs? correct me if I'm wrong

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PostSubject: Sacred Gate bugs? correct me if I'm wrong   Fri 03 Nov 2006, 17:16

Well,after Don confirmed my registration(thanks alot man^^), I turned it on (Ran)..
I chose Sacred Gates because of the sympathy I had for their uniform.
unfortunately I found out that the SG had some problem (I think).
I talked with the walefare merchant to introduce myself as a new student at their school,but she just "Ok"-ed it and that was all,in egames-Ran online,I had to bring this and that here and there but it pays off (the exps and the money) but here I couldn't even find the Director (has the Director gone fishing or what?) nor the Nurse (nurse on trip?) so I decided to leave it alone and go out to experience some fights,well it's true I learned alot about the battle system and skills and all,for a beginner like me. But after an hour of killing I found out that my experiences bar showed ...by 0.00%,It didn't move even a bit,I wonder if that's a bug you guys haven't fix yet? If I'm wrong, please correct me.

I apologize for the inconvenience.
And thanks in advance for fixing the bugs.
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Staff Akatsuki-0n9

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PostSubject: Re: Sacred Gate bugs? correct me if I'm wrong   Fri 03 Nov 2006, 18:26

Lol...i knew keeping this thread wud be a really good idea.


Hopes this helps..lol..

Btw as for the SG quest, its shortened. Too lil exp gain for the amount of hassle required.
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Sacred Gate bugs? correct me if I'm wrong
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