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 Quest LIST Level 83 Onwards

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PostSubject: Quest LIST Level 83 Onwards   Tue 11 Jul 2006, 21:43

this is some detail of mission hope it will be useful for all of the ran player
if hv anything detail that is wrong please correct me
Reclying book 2-mission master zheng
hit skating master to get the book
stage drop lvl shirt +2
about the key-mission cleaner TH
go to talk to cleaner then hit loose halogen
stage drop-will can go into carpark
get two ring lvl 80
(forget what ring)
Recyling book 3-mission master zheng
(must complete reclying book 2 first)
Hit hodel to get the book
Stage drop-lvl 90 coat and lvl 91 pant +2
Lvl 86 or 88
Leonine nurse mission
(get it automactic when ur lvl get into 86 or 88 i forgot edi)
go to leonine B1 hit head nurse
ps/the mission detail will write go to leonine 1F
but it is wrong u must go to leonine B1
go back to the nurse at 1F
to completem mission
Stage Drop-get lux pro pot and v.burr
Reclying book 4 -mission master zheng
(must complete recyling book 3 first)
hit Freezing clown to get book
Stage Drop-lvl 90/91 shirt +2
************************************************** *
mission obtain medicine.
AutoMission Quest activated after Leo 3rd Flr Elevator Quest
req lvl : 97
- Go to Leo B2
- Kill traper P**nt in LeoB2 to obtain sap.
- Talk to Nurse (SG Ring)
Reward: 10th Spiritual Sphere
************************************************** *
mission cleaner TH
hit golf bomber
Stage drop-one rosary ?+2? sp recover-0.02%
lvl 80 silver ring
lvl 105/106 (forget jor)
mission master zheng
(must complete reclying book4)
hit wrestler if i dun forget
Stage Drop-exp 10000
11th spiritual sphere
************************************************** **
mission auto (will geti it when u 110)
Go to Wharft passage
hit Fisherman
Hit gas Techinian
Hit Storege guardian
talk to the focious folk at bus stop wharft passage
Stage Drop-some exp
************************************************** ******
mission truck driver wharft passage
Hit Loose halogen to get the key
Stage Drop-some exp
-----After mission complete------------------
Get another mission from truck driver
hit fisher man
Stage drop-some exp
--------After mission complete----------------
take another mission from truck driver
follow the detail
Stage drop-some exp
---------After mission complete-------
go to take another mission from focoius folk at bus stop
follow the detail
Stage drop-skill pt 3 pt
--------After mission complete-------
go to take another mission from focious folk
follow the detail
Stage Drop-some exp
--------After mission complete-------
go to take another mission from focious folk
follow the detail
Stage Drop-some exp

--------After mission complete-------
go to take another mission from focious folk
this is a quest about the green base
cant do now bcoz cant in there
need to hit bunny girl at Green Secret Spot 3rd floor

************************************************** *
Lvl 116
trading hole cleaner mission
go to the trading hole cleaner to take mission
sry i forget about the detail edi
Stage DRop-get 12 spiritual Sphere
************************************************** *****
LVL 117
wharft passage police mission
when u lvl 117 go to take mission from the police at the wharft passage
the mission is kill violent baldie
u can find the violent baldie at wharft passage
(keep ur weapon when running at wharft if u dunt want attack by bandit)
kill the violent baldie that hv tatoo at his hand
Stage Drop-can go in green spot 1F
************************************************** *****
AngBeeL.an will give u 3 ms all at lvl 132
1st test
Time allow: 30 min
kill shadow crow, werewolf, freezing halogen, cordy to get quest item
reward: 2 skill point & 1 ability point
2nd test
Time allow: 15 min
kill freezing clown to get quest item
reward: 2 skill point & 50k exp
3rd test
Time allow: 10 min
kill 10 hun baldies
reward: +7 spartial rossary & 90k exp
************************************************** *****
lvl 115 can take the quest at one of the NPC near the entrance to Green Base 1F. The quest requires u to kill some sacred gate
117 lvl quest that allows u to enters the green secret spot when u complete
After you got the ms from police,
1. talk to trading hole police
2. "talk" to the authentication machine beside the wharf passage police

Lvl 119 - Auto get ms (Achieving Level 120) - Requires u to achieve lvl 120 and once lvl 120, u need to kill 5 violent baldies and 1 bandit. Requital - 30k exp.
Lvl 120 - Search for the missing key (Get the MS from 1 of the NPC at wharf near the entrance to Green Base) - Requires you to kill violent baldies and get 5 keys. Not all baldies will drop the key. Requital - Can enter green base 2f and u will get a lvl 120 Jade Ring +1

================================================== ================================================== =========================

Lvl 125 - MS to enter Green Base 3f - Kill violent baldies again to get some curving keys. Pls note that not all Violent Baldie will drop the key. Requital - +3 Silver Ring and can enter 3F

Lvl 132 - Get this MS from Police in Wharf. Requires u to kill Bunny Girl and some other mobs like Ninja in 3f. Need to get 7 letter fragments. You must complete this MS before you can do the AngBeeL.an ms which is listed above. Requital - +4 Ring and some exp.

Lvl 130- Remember there was a quest u get from TH Police which requires u to go to a certain spot in Prison earlier in the lower lvls and once complete, u will get a box which contains 1 burr n 1 prot pot. Upon completing that ms, u will get another MS which requires u to kill 12 Angry Supervisors in Prison. Requital - Some Exp. After completing this MS, you will get another MS which requires u to kill some mobs. Can't remember wat mobs but the detail will state it clearly. Requital - Some Exp. Complete this MS and u will get another MS from TH Police which requires u to kill 12 Prisoner Hammerman. Havent completed this yet. Requital - Some Exp and Characteristics +2.

Lvl 13x - not sure wat lvl to get this ms but i did it when I was lvl 134. U can probably do it earlier. Get this ms from the NPC in prison. It is the first NPC u will see when u enter prison. Requires u to visit the NPC near the Central Tower. Requital - Some Exp. Completing this MS will give u another ms which requires u to visit the lost soul NPC in Prison. You wil need to climb some steps to reach the NPC. Requital - some random ring boxes. The NPC u visited at central tower will also give u 1 ms which requires u to kill some mobs. Mob type is clearly stated in detail. Requital - some exp. There may be a mixup in this part as I can't remember clearly all the ms details but u should be smart enough to figure out the details for yrself. There are more ms but I am lazy to do them yet. Will update as I complete them.

-Source http://forum.ragezone.com/ran-online/quest-list-lvl-83-onwards-150661.html
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PostSubject: Re: Quest LIST Level 83 Onwards   Sat 09 Sep 2006, 20:35

thanks mr don Smile
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Quest LIST Level 83 Onwards
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